7 Alluring Creations Of Best Female Tattoos

7 Alluring Creations Of Best Female Tattoos

Tattoo art is as old as human civilization itself and it is equally famous in both genders. Like men, women of modern age are also enthusiastic about this unique tattoo printing on their body parts. Females are physically smaller and delicate than men, so the feminine tattoos too are small, pretty and soft in touch. Girls usually like to have flowers, butterflies, stars, heart, fairies, and cartoon patterns in their tattooing. Female tattoo designs are countless, but here we discuss seven best female tattoos found in the market.

7. Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies usually are the symbol of nature and beauty but these tattoos are highly feminine, pretty and have a beautiful meaning behind them. You can have one large butterfly on the back or two to three little butterflies depending upon the design, which you want to carry.

6. Fairy Tattoos For Females

Another most loved and best female tattoo is none other than cute fairy themes. Fairies are very popular in old stories, myths and folklore all over the world. As a tattoo design, they can be symbols of youthful innocence and a desire to retain a child-like imagination and wonder. It is very popular among women irrespective of age.

5. Flower Tattoos

Flowers look amazing when used in tattooing as flowers have natural beauty that attracts masses. Flowering tattoos are both for men and women but women used them widely because of feminine touch flowers possess. Variety of different flowers with unique colors used in tattoo art each flower have deep and symbolic meaning associated with it.

4. Beautiful Stars Tattoos

Another classy pattern for best female tattoos is to use shining stars in tattoo art to give it uniqueness, charm and style. Stars too have symbolic meanings and human beings loved to carve them on their bodies especially females. You can have simple stars or blend the starts with other designs to create magical impact.

3. Zodiac Tattoos

Women wish to have their star signs tattooed on their bodies because it has meaning in their life and they think it holds clues to who they are and who they will. Zodiac tattoo signs are very popular among females due to the belief that zodiac signs can tell us a lot about ourselves.

2. Heart Tattoo Designs

Hearts, being the symbol of love and romance is widely used in tattoo designs and women love to create wonders in body tattooing with different styled hearts. You can say heart tattoos are one of the best female tattoos found in fashion.

1. Text Tattoos

Text tattoos are widely used and women mostly carved verses, phrases and holy words from Bible in their tattoos to depict spiritual bonding with religion. Text is carved in nice and clear fonts in these designs.

Here we described very few patterns of best female tattoos that are simple, sweet and common in use. You can choose them according to your personality and taste; furthermore, you can create your own tattooing style by following these themes.

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