7 Best Places To Get Tattoos You Love For life

7 Best Places To Get Tattoos You Love For life

Have you ever got crazy to search for tattoos you love for a life time? And for sure there must be hundreds like you, who are dying to get a tattoo they love. For you, here are a few suggestions to choose the best place on body to get a tattoo for women.

7. Back Shoulder Tattoos


The tattoos at the back shoulder are one of the best places to get especially when tattoos are prohibited in your office. Mostly the back shoulder tattoos suit to females rather males. The large size tattoo designs for females with a perfect back curve really puts an icing on the cake.

 6. Inner arm



Most people choose place on an inner arm to get tattoos of their choice and taste. This place suits both to males as well as females. Usually the tattoos for girls with small designs and symbols look fairly wild. The tattoos of words on inner arm are also pretty much trending in people these days.

5. Ears



Ear tattooing is one of the latest’s trends of getting tattoos you love. The tattoo at such place doesn’t hurt so much rather it gives a very ticklish and sensational feeling while getting a tattoo. Mostly the tattoos on ear are small but eloquent to show the love for music etc.

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 4. Legs/Ankles


The tattoo at legs and ankles are yet another perfect place for females to get a classy tattoo. A simple ring like tattoo at the ankle joint or a symbol tattoo on the thighs is pretty much loved by females. Some women get these tattoos to increase the attraction towards them. Getting a tattoo at legs doesn’t cause much pain either.

3. Neck


Among the most prominent places for dainty tattoo is the neck place. The tattoos you love for the neck place are either the symbols or some random flares. Mostly the people with liberal minds have been observed with neck tattoos as it can’t be hiding out by any means.

 2. Top Finger Tattoos


The top finger tattoo that symbolizes strength are one of the unique ways of expressing love to some one. Here mostly the tattoo drawn by people is simply any word like LOVE etc. Although it doesn’t take much longer time to get top finger tattoo but it’s very painful because of finger bones.

 1. Inner Wrist


One of the least painful and extremely expressive places to get a tattoo is the inner wrist. The tattoo at inner wrist can’t be hidden at office or college, unless and until some bracelets or wrist watches are not wore. There is no such place on the body where the tattoos you love can’t be drawn, that’s the best thing about tattooing.

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